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Applied Physics, Inc. (ÅP™), TEL: 1-720-635-3931, has been in business since 1992 providing MOUDI Cascade Impactors and the Nano-MOUDI impactor to Science Universities and Government laboratories. Clean Room fogger, Smoke Generators, UltraPure M2001 fogger and DI Water, Clean Room Fogger are provided to visualize clean room airflow and turbulence in Semiconductor and Pharmaceutical facilities. We also provide microbial air samplers to Pharmaceutical companies. PSL Wafer Standards, Particle Wafer Standards are deposited on 450mm wafers, 300mm wafers, 200mm silicon wafers, 150mm wafers, 125mm wafers, etc. PSL Spheres and Particles can be deposited on your FILM wafers.

PSL CALIBRATION WAFERS: NIST traceable calibration standards on 450mm wafers, 300mm, 200mm silicon wafers and FILM WAFERS, Click Here
PROCESS PARTICLE DEPS: Si, SiO2, Al2O3, TiO2, Si3N4, Ti, W, Cu, Ta particles on 300mm wafers, 200mm wafers and FILM Wafers, Click Here
PSL Spheres: Click Here
CleanRoom Foggers: Smoke Generators to visualize Airflow and Turbulence using M2001 fogger, Di Water Fogger or Clean Room Fogger, Click Here

Our 2300XP1 PSL / Particle Deposition tool can deposit PSL Spheres on Prime Silicon wafers or YOUR FILM WAFERS to calibrate KLA-Tencor SP3, SP2, SP1, and Tencor 6420, Tencor 6220 wafer inspection systems. PSL Spheres and particles can be deposited on 450mm silicon wafers, 300mm prime wafers, 200mm wafers, 150mm wafers, etc. PSL Spheres can be purchased for size calibration of your laser particle counter.

  UltraPure Fogger Clean Room Fogger Microbial Air Samplers  
Clean Room Foggers and UltraPure Foggers support USP797 guidelines for Insitu airflow pattern and turbulence analysis. Microbial Air Samplers monitor unwanted fungal and bacterial growth in ISO 5 Filling Lines, Barrier Isolators and ISO 7 -9 areas.

Clean room Foggers

Cleanroom Foggers UltraPure Clean room Foggers, Smoke Generators and DI Water Foggers to visualize airflow and turbulence in Class 1 to class 100,000 clean rooms. We offer a variety of clean room foggers including Model 2001 UltraPure Clean room Fogger and Cleanroom DI Water Fogger. Here is an overview of Clean room Fogger Technology.

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PSL & NIST Traceable Calibration Standards

PSL & Calibration Wafer Standards We offer PSL Wafer Standards on Prime Silicon Wafers as well as your FILM Wafers. We produce NIST traceable, PSL Wafer Standards and NIST traceable calibration standards from 20nm to 4um on 100mm, 150mm, 200mm & 300mm wafers; to calibrate KLA-Tencor, Topcon, ADE Hitachi wafer inspection systems. Deposit Si, SiO2, Al2O3, TiO2, Si3N4, Ti, W, Cu, Ta Particle Wafers to verify WET Bench cleaning performance, make yield improvements.

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PSL Spheres & Process Particles

PSL Spheres, 20nm - 160um, 1% concentration; or Surf-Cal pre-mixed PSL Spheres
Si, SiO2, Al2O3, TiO2, Si3N4, Ti, W, Cu, Ta particles in DiH2O solution.

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Water Condensation Particle Counter

Water Condensation Particle Counter Monitor and count unwanted particle contamination with Water Condensation Particle Counter in aerosol, high purity gas lines, less than 10nm, flow rate of 3 lpm.

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MOUDI Cascade Impactors

MOUDI Cascade Impactors Cascade Impactors with sharp cut points for high resolution particle sampling from 10nm to 18um. We offer all MOUDI Cascade Impactor Models, the Nano-MOUDI Cascade Impactor and Non-Rotating Moudi Cascade Impactor

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Microbial Air Samplers

Microbial Air Samplers EMTEK Microbial Air Samplers provide superb Bacterial and Fungal sampling to monitor ISO 5, ISO 7 and ISO 9 Pharmaceutical production for microbiological contamination with much higher capture efficiency.

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