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Cleanroom Fogger, CRF-1 Video is decribed above. The new CRF-2 Cleanroom Fogger now produces about 9cfm of medium density fog for about 60 minutes providing airflow visualization, using DI Water or Water for Injection (WFI), which is a Pharmaceutical water. The white polypropylene enclosure is light weight and resistant to bacteria growth. The CRF-2 does not use Stainless Steel due to added weight. Stainless Steel also has a propensity for bacterial growth when handling a metal enclosure with bare hands and fingers, inducing bacterial growth and leaving finger prints on the SS, which, over time, can not be wiped away. In addition, the CRF-2 produces more fog than most SS enclosed, DI water foggers. The Optional Fog Curtain Wand is used to convert the stream fog to a wide pattern, curtain fog. The optional Rolling Carry/Storage case is used to store the DI water fogger and accessories in a protected carrier to safely transport the CRF-2. The optional Remote ON/Off Power Cable is used to set up the fogger for operation behind a closed room or area, such as Barrier Isolator, while operating the clean room fogger from up to 5 meters distance. Call Applied Physics, Inc. on questions at 720-635-3931.