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Clean Room Fogger, CRF-2, produces 9cfm of medium density fog for 60 minutes to provide airflow visualizatioj, using DI Water or Water for Injectionm, WFI, Pharmaceutical water. The white polypropylene enclosure is light weight and resistant to bacteria growth. We do not use Stainless Steel due to added weight, and SS propensity for bacterial growth when handling SS with bare hands. In addition, the CRF-2 produces more fog than most SS enclosed foggers. The Optional Fog Curtain Wand is used to convert the stream fog to a Curtain Fog while significantly reducing output velocity. The optional Rolling Carry/Storage case is used to store the fogger and accessories in a protected carrier and safely transport the locations. The optional Remote ON/Off Power Cable is used to set up fogger operation behind a closed wall, such as Barrier Isolator, while operating the cleanroom fogger from outside the wall. Call Applied Physics, Inc. on questions at 720-635-3931.