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Model 7400AD Real-Time Fiber Monitor

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Real-Time Fiber Monitor for Asbestos Fiber Monitoring

Model 7400AD Real-Time Fiber Monitor

  • Detects presence of fibers in the air we breath including hazardous asbestos fiber and other fibers
  • Laboratory-calibrated for asbestos fibers according to NIOSH method 7400 (phase-contrast microscopy or PCM)
  • Simultaneously collects sample on standard filter for microscopic or chemical analysis
  • Visible and audible alarm when fiber concentration reaches user-defined levels
  • Field-portable and field-operable with rechargeable battery pack or AC

Model 7400 AD Description - Request a Quote

The Model 7400AD is a technologically advanced real-time fiber monitor that automatically detects and counts airborne fibers such as asbestos fibers, mineral wool, advanced composites, ceramic and glass. Each Real Time Fiber Monitor is factory-calibrated with traceability to NIOSH Method 7400 for asbestos fibers. The 7400AD ignores non-fibrous background particles using the proven principle of electric-field-induced fiber alignment and oscillation. The MSP 7400AD is the ideal instrument to measure airborne fiber concentration during asbestos remediation and removal operations. With its fully charged battery pack, the 7400AD will operate unattended for eight hours and record the observed fiber data at regular intervals. If the fiber concentration exceeds a user-defined, pre-set level, an audible alarm sounds.

Positioned ahead of the exhaust on the 7400AD fiber monitor is a filter from which one can obtain samples for later chemical or physical analysis, such as comparison with phase-contrast microscopy.

The on-board, user-friendly software allows you to set a range of performance features in support of your operation.

Model 7400 AD Features - Request a Quote

  • Measures and reports fiber concentrations in real time
  • Saves measured data over user-selectable sampling interval
  • USB port allows easy upload of data to your laptop
  • Alarm mode warns when fiber concentrations reach user defined concentration levels
  • Calculates time-weighted-average exposure limits
  • Back-up filter enables comparison with PCM
  • Color touch-screen LCD provides easy operation and data display
  • Fiber sampling intervals are user adjustable: 1 minute to 24 hours or up to 168 hours of continuous monitoring
  • Portable and easy to set up in the field

Model 7400 AD Applications - Request a Quote

  • Use before, during and after asbestos abatement to monitor success and ensure safety.
  • Measure fiber concentrations in manufacturing operations that use raw fiber materials.
  • Monitor airborne fibers from trouble areas, such as building fires, industrial fires, earthquakes or explosions.