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MSP Corp. MOUDI Cascade Impactors:
These precision, high-performance cascade impactors provide high sampling flow rate, low inter-stage wall loss, and sharp cut-point characteristics (see figure on right). They are available as an 8-stage (Model 100) or a 10-stage (Model 110) impactor, in a rotating or a non-rotating form (see photos above). The Model 100 provides cut-point diameters of 18, 10, 5.6, 3.2, 1.8, 1.0, 0.56, 0.32, 0.18 µm. Additional cut-points at 0.1 and 0.056 µm are provided with the Model 110. The Model 115 Nano-MOUDI has cut-points in the nanometer range: 32, 18 and 10 nm.
(Download Model 100, 110 PDF Brochure)

Technical Advantages of MOUDI™ Cascade Impactors

MOUDI™ Impactor Specifications (subject to change without notice)

Model 100 & 110 MOUDI™ Features & Applications

Non-Rotating Impactors

Model 115, Nano-MOUDI™ Cascade Impactor

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