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Model 1000XP-A Applications

MSP Corporation, Model 1000XP-A, Applications from 5nm to 10um - Request a Quote

  • Aerosol Particle studies
  • Nationwide EPA SMOG Pollution studies and data plotting
  • Asian Yellow Storm studies
  • Diesel and Gas studies
  • Semiconductor Aerosol Molecular Contamination research to evaluate aerosol effects to 130nm device geometry
  • Semiconductor/Pharmaceutical Cleanroom monitoring of a broad size range of contamination

Product Customer Comments

  • Marvelous integration of technology
  • A technician can easily operate this system
  • Easily transportable from lab to field with easy set up in any location
  • The software interface was designed with common sense for ease of use

Model 1000XP-A WPS Features

  • Integrated Technology by combining LPS with CPC and DMA High power, Solid State Laser and low noise, Photo Multiplier Detector
  • 12, 24, 48, 96, 128 channels of size resolution
  • NIST PSL Sphere or True Particle Size Response Calibration
    Designed for Lab and Field use
  • 5 equipment modes of operation designed into the SWPS system
  • SWPS, fast scan mode from 10nm to 10um
  • WPS, step mode from 10nm to 10um
  • SMS, (sometimes known as SMPS), fast scan mode from 10nm to 500nm
  • DMS, (sometimes known as DMPS), step mode from 10nm to 500nm
  • LPS, fast scan mode from 500nm to 10um and higher
  • Light weight and very compact design

Differential Mobility AnalyzerHow does this spectrometer product surpass conventional technology?

DMA, Differential Mobility Analyzer, 10nm to 500nm sizing
  • The DMA is a very short 8 inches in height with 4 Dimensional Control
  • a) Pressure compensation for precise particle sizing at nearly any altitude
  • b) Temperature compensation for repeatable size response at different locations
  • c) Mass Flow Control of airflow dynamics
  • d) Highly accurate, Step or Scan Mode, electrode control for improved size response
  • 10:1 Sheath Flow with Linear Flow Control to improve size resolution
  • Recirculation of the Sheath Flow to stabilize size response
  • Boltzmann equilibrium charge is established on the aerosol, minimizing double & triple charged particles, using a low level ionizing source.
  • Software selectable Step or Scan mode DMA

CPC Condensation Particle CounterCPC Condensation Particle Counter, 10nm to 500nm, counting

  • Dual Cavity design to prevent water condensation from dripping back into the N-butyl liquid, which causes a single cavity CPC to reduce its count efficiency
  • Flouro-inert liquid can replace traditional N-Butanol, (Butyl Alcohol) which has an undesirable smell
  • Constant Temperature counting to improve count accuracy from 10nm to 500nm
    Miniature CPC size to reduce physical space required of traditional CPC counters
  • 30 day N-butanol liquid supply

LPS Laser Particle Spectrometer, 500nm to 10um, sizing and counting

  • Wide angle, collection optics
  • 50mW, Single Mode, Solid State Laser
  • Low Noise, Solid State, Photo Multiplier Detector
  • 25000/cm3 particle counting saturation limit
  • NIST PSL Size Response Calibration at 100.7nm, 269nm and 895nm
  • True Particle Size Response Calibration using non-uniform shaped, real process particles
  • Software selectable, Size Response Curves provide correct size response for many different particle types

System Integration

  • The only spectrometer in the world with DMA, CPC and LPS technology combined into 1 system
  • The only spectrometer in the world with hardware and software integrated into 1 system
  • Analytical software included in system, as well as being able to export data to Laptop/Host computer
  • The only spectrometer designed for lab and field use
  • Very compact design allows easy transport and user friendly software permits quick operational setup

Software Flexibility

  • Recipe driven, operation minimizes set up mistakes and ensures repeatable data collection
  • 512Kb of memory stores up to 100 recipes for many different test requirements
  • Recipe controlled, bin size resolution of 12, 24, 48, 96, 128 bin sizes
  • Recipe controlled, 5 modes of operation: SWPS, WPS, SMS, DMS, LPS
  • Data export to external HOST or Laptop computer for offline data analysis
  • Data manipulation or computer fit of the CPC/LPS overlap

Product Design Reliability

  • Optical mouse, which can be used on any surface without jamming, is used to control system operation
  • Plasma display is not affected by high temperatures, ensuring display data is seen in field/lab conditions
  • Critical data files can be saved to external memory
    100 VAC to 240VAC, 50/60 cycle electrical operation permits use in most places in world

5 Modes of Operation in One System

The Model 1000XP-A includes a Laser Particle Spectrometer (LPS), a Differential Mobility Analyzer (DMA), also referred to as an electrostatic classifier and a Condensation Particle Counter (CPC). The LPS counts and sizes particles in the 500nm to 10,000nm diameter range. The DMA and CPC form Scanning Mobility Particle Sizer (SMS) for counting and sizing aerosol particles in the 10nm to 500nm diameter range. The SMS is operable in the traditional high voltage stepping mode, or in the more rapid, scanning mode, i.e. as a Scanning Mobility Particle Sizer, (SMPS). The nominal cycle time for the SMS is 1 minute. For the DMPS, the cycle time is adjustable from 2 min. to 15 min. These instrument components can be used singly or in combination to allow the SWPS to be used in one of 5 instrument modes:
  1. WPS - Scanning Wide-Range Particle Spectrometer SWPS = LPS + SMPS; 10nm 10um, 1 minute cycle
  2. SMS - Scanning Mobility Particle Sizer 10nm 500nm, 1-minute cycle
  3. DMS - Differential Mobility Particle Sizer 10nm 500nm, 2 min to 15 minute cycle time
  4. WPS - Wide-Range Particle Spectrometer WPS = LPS + DMPS + CPC, 10nm 10um, 2 min. to 15 min. cycle time
  5. LPS Laser Particle Spectrometer 0.5um 10um, 15 second to 30 minute cycle time
Product Description

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