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Asbestos Fiber Monitor

Asbestos Fiber Monitor

  • Detects presence of asbestos fibers and other fibers in the air we breath
  • Designed to detect elongated particles
  • Collect fiber samples via filters for microscopic or chemical analysis
  • Visible and audible alarm when fiber concentration reaches user-defined levels

Asbestos Fiber Detection

Asbestos Fiber Detection is the principle goal, however, any airflow with include a variety of unwanted types of particles, such as, dirt/metal particles, glass fibers, cotton fibers, as well as asbestos fibers. It is those asbestos fibers and certain carcinogen fibers that need to be detected. Asbestos Fiber Monitors are designed to detect elongated particles with a length much longer than the width of the particle. Airflow from a suspect area, such as natural occurring fiber from certain types of rock formations, old buildings, etc. is sampled. A laser particle detector is used to detect the particles within the sampled airflow. Particles as well as fibers will tumble and rotate, so the fiber detection is designed for elongated particle detection. Any asbestos fiber detector has to contend with particles in the sampled airflow, thus particles detected will include both spherical particles and elongated particles, or fibers. Since Asbestos and certain glass fibers are the desired focus, an asbestos fiber monitor is used to assist engineers to monitor working environments for air breathing quality.

Asbestos Fiber Monitor goals

  • Measure asbestos fiber concentrations and provide fiber and / or particle data to operating Engineer
  • Allow for sampling of the aerosol particles and fibers collected for SEM analysis

Asbestos Fiber Monitor Applications

  • Use before, during and after asbestos clean up
  • Measure asbestos, glass fiber and particle concentrations in manufacturing where fiber materials are used.
  • Monitor airborne asbestos, particle and fiber in work areas, such as building fires, certian types of rock pits, etc.