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Compare Fogger Performance of AP35 Ultrapure Fogger and DI Water Foggers

The AP32 ultrapure fogger was superseded by the AP35 Ultrapure LN2 Fogger, which provides the highest fog volume, fog density and longest visual airflow today. The AP35 uses liquid nitrogen and DI water or water for injection (WFI) to produce a dense, ultrapure fog density at ~ 571 ml per minute to visualize airflow, air patterns, direction, turbulence, dead zones and airflow velocity for ~ 70 minutes in clean rooms, ISO suites, sterile rooms, barrier isolators and medical rooms. The fog output is ~ 5 cubic meters per minute with ~ 20-30 feet of visual fog to locate turbulence in the airflow and around equipment. 3D airflow modeling can be accomplished with this level of fog volume. No airflow contamination is created and no clean is required after visualizing airflow with this ultrapure smoke generator.

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Watch video of the AP35 UltraPure LN2 Fogger
AP35 Ultrapure LN2 fogger
Ultrapure Fog Generator, ~ 5.0 cubic meters fog / minute for ~ 70 minutes, ~ 20-30 feet visible airflow and ~ 571 ml fog density per minute
UltraPure fogger - The AP35 nitrogen fog generator is used in clean rooms, ISO suites and sterile rooms to provide visualization of airflow, flow patterns, dead spaces and turbulence. Nitrogen fog generators support Pharmaceutical and ISO guidelines, such as USP 797 In-Situ Airflow Analysis, ISO 14644-3 Annex B7 guidelines. The semiconductor cleanroom guidelines of Federal Standards 209E is also supported, which was recently replaced by ISO Standard 1446, which is also supported.

Cleanroom fogger performance is compared below between ultrasonic foggers and ultrapure foggers. Fog volume, fog density, visual fog distance is the most important parameters, along with cost. The ultrapure fogger uses liquid nitrogen and De-ionized water or WFI (Water for Injection) to generate a high purity fog with a fog output of ~ 5.0 cubic meters of ultrapure fog per minute for ~ 70 minutes providing ~ 20-30 feet visible airflow distance, providing high volumes of ultrapure fog for larger cleanrooms. Water for Injection is often used in ISO suites, sterile rooms and clean rooms. Liquid nitrogen is filled into an LN2 dewar, while DI or WFI Water is filled into a Stainless Steel chamber. Water is brought to a high temperature and the LN2 boils at room temperature, allowing the vapor from both liquids to combine and form a highly dense, ultrapure fog at 2 to 3 micron diameter and high fog density. The high purity fog exits at very low pressure, making it buoyant in the airflow. Take a look below at the performance of the different foggers to understand what the capabilities of the different foggers.

A nitrogen fog generator creates the purest form of fog, particle free, non-contaminating, leaving no contamination or residue behind; thus no cleanup after fog use is required. The ultrapure fog enters the airflow at very low pressure and does not create airflow turbulence. It is CE Mark and compliant to ISO and USP guidelines, and can be used in Class 1 - 100,000 clean rooms for airflow, turbulence visualization, flow balancing and contaminant transport studies. The AP35 ultrapure fogger produces a high volume of fog to visualize airflow and turbulence in clean rooms, sterile rooms and ISO rooms.

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Product Model AP35 LN2 Fogger CRF4 Ultrasonic Fogger CRF2 Ultrasonic Fogger Other LN2 Foggers
FOG Minutes ~ 70 minutes ~ 45 minutes ~ 50 minutes ~ 20-40 minutes
FOG Volume / Minute ~ 5.0 cubic meters / minute ~ 1.25 cubic meters / minute ~ 0.26 cubic meters / minute ~ 0.8 to 1.5 cubic meters / minute
Total FOG Volume ~ 350 cubic meters ~ 56.25 cubic meters ~ 13 cubic meters ~ 16 to 60 cubic meters
Fog Density (ml/minute) ~ 571 mL / minute ~ 187 mL / minute ~ 57 mL / minute ~ 150ml to 260 mL / minute
Visual Fog Distance ~ 20 to 30 feet ~ 10 to 15 feet ~ 7 to 8 feet ~ 10 to 15 feet
Adjustable Fog Volume Yes Yes No No
Adjustable Airflow Velocity Yes Yes No No
Remote Control Yes, Wireless Remote Control Yes, Wireless Remote Control Yes, Remote Cable Control No
Fogger Technology Ultrapure Ultrasonic Ultrasonic Ultrapure
Liquids Used LN2 + DI Water or WFI DI Water or WFI DI Water or WFI LN2 + DI Water or WFI
Clean Room Class Class 1 - 10,000 Class 1 - 10,000 Class 1 - 10,000 Class 1 - 10,000
Compatible Guidelines USP 797 USP 797 USP 797 USP 797
Compatible Guidelines ISO 14644-3, Annex B7 ISO 14644-3, Annex B7 ISO 14644-3, Annex B7 ISO 14644-3, Annex B7
Compatible Guidelines Federal Standards 209E Federal Standards 209E Federal Standards 209E Federal Standards 209E
Compatible Guidelines ISO Standard 14644-1, 14644-2 ISO Standard 14644-1, 14644-2 ISO Standard 14644-1, 14644-2 ISO Standard 14644-1, 14644-2
DI / WFI Water Volume 5.0 liters 10 liters 3.75 liters 1-3 liters
LN2 Volume 35 liters No LN2 used No LN2 used 6-10 liters
Type Control Touchpad & Wireless Touchpad & Wireless Power Switch Power Switch
Handling Rolling Enclosure Carry Handle Carry Handle Carry Handle
Enclosure 316L Stainless Steel, electro-polish 316L Stainless Steel, electro-polish Polyethylene Stainless Steel
Power VAC 120, 220, 100 VAC 120, 220, 100 VAC 120, 220, 100 VAC 120, 220, 100 VAC
Full Weight ~ 170 lbs ~ 65 lbs ~ 20 lbs ~ 50-75 lbs
Accessories 1-9 Accs 1-6 Accs 1-3 Accs Several Accs

Cleanroom Ultrapure Fogger Features - Request a Quote

Apollo Fog Curtain
Ultrapure Fog Generator with Fog Curtain
  • Continuous airflow visualization to describe direction, velocity and patterns in airflow
  • Containment transport airflow studies
  • Visualization of unwanted gas emission locations and dead zones
  • Tracking routes of unwanted air flow infiltration into clean rooms
  • No contamination created, no contamination left behind
  • No cleanup of any kind after fog visualization
  • Superb 3D airflow modeling capabilities
  • Very low fog exit pressure, as as not to create turbulence as fog enters airflow
  • Compact, transportable, shipping case
  • Fog stream output and fog rake output
  • For use in sterile rooms, ISO suites and clean rooms
  • High density fog visualization of airflow and turbulence
  • Exhaust and ventilation studies around wafer handling systems
  • Air balance studies in Pharmaceutical suites and clean rooms

Cleanroom Ultrapure Fogger Advantages - Request a Quote

Very dense, Stream Fog
Very dense, Stream Fog
  • Most dense ultrapure fog by converting ~ 571 ml of liquid per minute
  • Greatest visible airflow distances of ~ 20 - 30 feet
  • Excellent volume of ultrapure fog at ~ 5.0 cubic meters per minute
  • Total volume of ~ 350 cubic meters of ultrapure fog per operating cycle
  • Longest operating time of ~ 70 minutes
  • No contamination is created, no cleanup is required, no contamination to the process
  • No turbulence created as fog enters the airflow
  • Roller castors for easy movement over floor
  • Large, 80mm, 3.15", fog outlet
  • User Friendly display and touch pads
  • Stainless steel contacts the LNG and DI Water for best purity of fog
  • very low fog exit pressure that does not create a disturbance to airflow
  • No metal contamination to fog using Stainless Steel water heater and LN2 Dewar
  • Easy DI Water and LN2 (LNG) fill up

* Fog distance measured at 40% humidity and air velocity of 90fpm. Visual fog distance decreases as humidity decreases or as airflow velocity increases.

20-30 feet visible fog distance
20-30 feet visible fog distance