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Portable Glycol fogger supports FDA, ISO 14644-3 and USP797 cleanroom guidelines

Portable Glycol Fogger, PGF1

Some Pharmaceutical clean rooms managers request glycol foggers, as they operate under FDA guidelines. The GPF1 is truly portable using battery operation for up to 50 minutes, while generating a long lasting glycol fog of 10 to 15 feet. The fog is generated using 10% glycol and Deionized water or WFI water. The glycol portable fogger is totally portable generating 0.15 cubic meters of pure fog per minute at 10 ml fog density per minute, but the glycol fog travels much farther than DI water fog. Airflow turbulence is visualized for 10 to 15 feet, depending on cleanroom airflow velocity and humidity. The Glycol fogger would be used in smoke studies of industrial cleanrooms, fume hoods, bio-safety cabinets, glove boxes, RABs and medical rooms. Airflow guidelines ISO 14644-3, USP 797, Federal Standards 209E are supported. USP 800 Hazardous Drug Compounding and Airflow Recovery Tests under ISO 14644-3 Annex B12 are also supported.

Glycol Portable Fogger, PGF1 - Request a Quote

- Miniature glycol fog generator in "pistol grip" design

- Fog density of 1 ml / minute providing about 50 minute operation

- In blue anodized aluminum

- Fog velocity control with "zero momentum" capability with the glycol sinter element

- 60 milliliters of fluid in syringe

- Refillable cylinder using non-harmful, CAS clear, DI-water with glycol fluid

- White sinter elements provided, which are removable

- 1 rechargeable battery is provided, 15V / 3200mAh, 48Wh, CE certified (rechargeable in 60 min)

- 1 battery charger is provided for 115VAC or 230 VAC operation

- 2 empty glycol syringes, 60 ml each for refilling fogger

- Operating Manual provided

- High and Low Fog Volume Switch is provided on Glycol Fogger

The advantage of the portable glycol fogger is its portability, long lasting glycol fog and low cost.

Portable Glycol Fogger to Visualize Airflow Turbulence in Smoke Studies of Compound Pharmacies and Industrial Clean Rooms

Portable Glycol Fogger

1) Transport case includes fitted foam inserts for Portable Glycol Fogger, a 250 milliliter media bottle and 2 Sinter elements.

2) Rechargeable Battery, Optional Battery available

3) Fog Curtain Wand, 3 piece, Plug In, 558mm L x 10mm W

4) 250ml filling bottle

5) Two Glycol Syringes

6) Power Cable

7) Battery Charger for 115 VAC or 220 VAC

8) Portable Glycol Fogger

Portable Glycol Fogger, PGF1 - Request a Quote

Shipped with Shipping Carrier as shown

Shipped with Shipping Carrier as shown above.

The Technology of Generating a Glycol Fog for Aiflow Visualization

GPF1 uses glycol and DI Water or WFI water to generate a long lasting fog at 0.15 cubic meters / minute with 10 ml of fog density, yet provides 10-15 feet of visible fog.

There are a variety of methods to generate a fog used to visualize airflow and turbulence in clean rooms. Glycol has been a traditional method and there are still a lot of companies using glycol fog to visualize airflow turbulence. DI water and glycol is mixed at a 10% glycol ratio, and directed to a heater assembly to generate the glycol based fog. As the fog exits the white sinter unit, it travels in the airflow for 10-15 feet, further than a water fog. This glycol fog generator is based on a long chain, glycol molecule; thus the fog carries the glycol fog molecules in the airflow.

Glycol Portable Fogger
The Portable Glycol Fogger is used to visualize airflow in industrial rooms to identify leaks and locate turbulence. This hand held glycol fogger is provided with battery operation and is used in small industrial clean areas where airflow leaks need to be found. The portable glycol fogger can also be used fume hoods and small areas. The battery provided is a rechargeable battery, which charges in 60 minutes or so. Spare batteries are optional for long fog periods. The small size and pistol grip of the Glycol portable Fogger fits easily into your hand as you move in the clean room, or operate around fume air hoods.

In order to

If the airflow needs to be adjusted, simply touch the up arrow for increased airflow to match your clean room airflow. Or touch the down arrow to decrease the airflow.

If fog volume needs to increase or decrease, adjust the glycol fog switch for high or low fog output.