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Condensation Particle Counter, Service Support

Model 1000XP-B  |  Model 1000XP-A  |  Brochure

CPC Service Repairs - Request a Quote

PMS and TSI Condensation Particle Counters

Applied Physics, Inc. can repair a variety of CPC products from PMS and TSI.  We will evaluate your CPC at a standard labor cost, determine what problems the CPC has, send you a quote for repair, and on your approval with purchase order, we will order parts as required, repair, test and calibrate your CPC(s).  Below are various images of Condensation Particle Counters we can repair for your Maintenance Engineers.

PMS: Models 7650, 7625 and 7610

TSI: Models 3760 and 3760A

TSI: Models 3762

TSI: Model 3010

TSI: Model 3022 and 3022A

TSI: Model 3025

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